I'm Taking the Weekend Off

I'm giving myself the weekend off...from my "monkey mind."
I vow to walk through this weekend with awe and joy for every small thing.
I will not pick apart and criticize myself or those around me.
I will attempt to live this entire weekend beginning today until my head hits the pillow Sunday night, completely immersed in the beauty that is this existence...and then hopefully it will overflow into the rest of my life.
I hope that anyone who reads this will do the same. When we operate from a place of gratitude and joy, the world opens up to us, we just have to get out of our own way.

Recipe for Your Best Day Ever

Let every single moment count with no idle, thoughtless activities that don't contribute to your well being.

Go through your day looking at everything with the wonderment and glee of a child.

Love those around you like you won't wake up tomorrow.

Leave everything better than you found it. Not just for the good of the world but so that when you DO wake up tomorrow, life is a little easier, more organized than it was today.

Approach your workout like a warrior.

Resolve right here and now that when you lay down tonight you will be unable to resist smiling to yourself because you are certain that you are going to bed a slightly better person than when you woke up this morning.