Living in Between the Pain

This picture is a theme that keeps coming at me lately. I heard a song the other day that I hadn't heard in ages, it's called "The Dance" by Garth Brooks. And I've been thinking about it a lot since then. It's about how he is glad he didn't know the pain that would come from a relationship ending because he might not have taken that leap and he would "have had to miss the dance".

One thing is certain, our lives will end tragically (in that we will leave this earth, and the people we love, behind in the end). And, whether it be death or otherwise, almost every relationship we have will also end tragically. And there will surely be other forms of suffering along the way. But we should never take for granted the magical and wonder filled "dances" in our lives.

When I look back on some of the most painful things in my life, they often marked the end of some of the most wonderful things in my life. I am so glad I couldn't look into the future and see the pain that would come at the end because, just like old Garth, I might have sat a couple of dances out myself. And I would have missed out on some pretty amazing moments.

I have faced much of my life with fear of loss. Sometimes it felt as though it would suffocate me, it was so strong. No more. I now face life with a watchful eye on the future (in a responsible, rational manner) but I try very hard to not dwell on suffering that may lie ahead. I, instead, try to remain very mindful of the moment I am in and take in every amazing, breath taking moment I can find to grasp onto because I finally realize that those are the exact moments that will comfort me in the times of suffering. And a wonderful side-effect with this kind of mindful living is that I only have to experience the dreaded tragedies one time (when they actually happen) instead of over and over again in my mind in the form of "what ifs".

Whether it be watching your children play on the floor at your feet or a head spinning first kiss with a new love...or anything in between, THESE are the moments that fill us up and make the inevitable pains in life bearable and worth it all! Recognize and embrace every opportunity life gives you to smile. We WILL suffer, that is life. But what we do with the times in between the suffering, THAT is living!