I Am No Longer Your Weight Loss Coach

Over the past couple of years, traffic to my Facebook page as well as this blog has slowed down a lot. However, after pondering a bit, I've decided that's a great thing! At one time, my blog had become so high traffic, especially with the hits being highest on the calorie counting and weight loss specific posts that I felt very boxed into the "fitness corner". I felt like I could no longer write about whatever I wanted if I couldn't somehow tie it in to fitness and weight loss. When I did I would sometimes see that the people following my Facebook page would unfollow it which drove that idea home in my mind. Blogging became such an important form of "therapy" for me a number of years ago and I felt myself creating lots of drafts and never publishing them because I felt they didn't fit my "weight loss message". The same message that I didn't really believe in anymore. Which I'll explain more in a minute.

Now that traffic is slow and I'm building my business in the real world and not so interested in building it online, I don't feel this pressure to have large numbers of followers anymore. So, I'm taking back my blog! For myself and my handful of dedicated followers (both online as well as my clients). I have decided that I am changing the name and theme of my blog back to what it originally was "In the Front of My Mind". I have learned over the years (as I hope all of you have) that weight loss is merely a side effect of becoming healthy. And not just physically! Emotionally and spiritually as well! I want to get back to my roots. So weight loss isn't my focus any more than reversing type 2 diabetes or reducing the risk of heart disease is. My focus is making the WHOLE person, whether it be me, my client or an anonymous reader, the best version of themselves that they can possibly be.

Our society is so focused on weight loss! How small can we get? How fit can we look? We follow pages of women who post endless gym selfies that often do nothing but make most of us hate ourselves, yet we think somehow they hold the answers. I promise you, if you turn your focus away from weight loss and onto truly loving yourself (which involves just the practice of doing kind, loving and gentle things for yourself), you will find the key THERE! Educate and inspire yourself with TRULY inspiring things! If that happens to be the girl half your age who dedicates her life to looking a certain way and then tweaking with the lighting and angle of her pics to give her that perfect, unattainable look....then go for it! But if you find that looking at those endless, self-worshipping pictures makes you feel like garbage, STOP!!!!! That will get you about as far from your weight loss goals as humanly possibly because we don't dedicate time and energy to something we hate.

The obesity epidemic is symptomatic of a society out of balance. Out of balance with nature, with each other and with themselves. We are so desensitized and overstimulated, overfed and overworked that we don't allow our bodies and minds to come back to that natural place of balance that we all have the potential to come back to. We need to turn off our phones, tvs, computers, etc., put down our packages of foods, kick off our overpriced, over-supportive shoes and go take a walk in nature...and maybe eat some green stuff while we're out there.

For too long I've fallen into the trap of trying to look or be a certain way. I recently read a Facebook post from a woman who recently left the fitness industry after almost 10 years. She talked about how it had almost caused her to abuse and hate her body because her body had become this prop to promote her business. I almost fell into that trap as well. It's so easy to do! Everyone is watching. But not anymore. I am ME. My arms are a little flabby but I am strong as an ox. My strong abs might not show through my soft belly (which my hunky boyfriend happens to love) but it'll brace against my 7 year old running toward me at full speed and protect all my innards. I'm almost 40 but I can run circles around most teenagers in this country. I LOVE salty, cheesy stuff but I love my body and my health enough to keep them in their "once in a while" compartment. I am a balance of good and ugly and so are you. Let's embrace EVERYTHING we are TOGETHER and stop trying to fit a mold. If people "unfollow" you, on Facebook or real life, to hell with them! I am not here to try to make everyone tune into "The Tammi Show". I am living my life in a sloppy, mish mash, beautiful and wide open sort of way and I want EVERYTHING, my business, my relationships and, yes even my blog, to be a true representation of all of that. So tune in if you like...or don't! Either way, in the words of the late, great Wayne Dyer, "Don't die with your music still in you."

Heaven Is Here (feat. Matisyahu)