About Me

For the longest time I had the following written in this "About Me" section:
"I spent most of my life overweight and ALL of my 20's obese, depressed and exhausted! Now, at 35, I've lost 130 pounds, have completely changed my body AND MIND and am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach. It wasn't one big change, its a process. I'm compelled to share everything I've learned with everyone. Losing weight was merely a SIDE-EFFECT of becoming healthy both physically AND mentally!"
And while this definitely explains the gist of how I started, I've recently realized that it doesn't really truly explain who I am.

I am not a trainer or a blogger or any other one word description.

I am a woman with over 40 years of life experience. I have always had the unique approach of seeing life as a series of lessons and growth experiences. I use these experiences and lessons to grow myself and to grow and inspire others. 

When we approach all things this way, it is truly a beautiful and magical way to live.


  1. Your motivation is very welcoming... thank you

  2. You, beautiful lady, INSPIRE!!! Your journey is an amazing one. Your article is a wonderful story of learning to love the most amazing gift you will ever be given, YOUR BODY!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words!