Monday, December 31, 2018

Monday Morning Motivation: No Resolutions!

2019 is upon us. And it's time to set some New Year's Resolutions....because that worked out so well all those other years....

Now, let me just say, if you are that anomaly who sets these resolutions each year and actually achieves them, then I encourage you to stop reading now, set some new resolutions that you've never set before (because you've already achieved all those, right?) and happy 2019 to ya!

For the rest of us, let's try something new! Instead, of believing that we will miraculously wake up as a completely different person on January 1st, a person that suddenly has limitless will power and determination...and no longer likes doughnuts, let's work with who we actually are.

As humans, we tend to not like big change. So let's, instead, sneak up on that part of our brain that recoils from change by setting 52 small, weekly goals. I'm talking small! For instance, if you currently don't eat a single vegetable and you hate them, your first week goal could be to start eating three bites of vegetables each day. For one week you will focus on implementing this new habit into your life. By the beginning of week two, it should be starting to feel somewhat automatic so you will keep this habit going and implement a new one. Perhaps exercise. And, same as the first week, if you're currently not exercising at all, your second week goal could be to do five minutes of exercise once to twice per week. Maybe around week 4 or 6, your goal is to up your vegetable consumption to 6 bites per day. Maybe your exercise ups to 10 minutes twice per week.

So, if you've tried and failed at the big goals in previous New Years, what do you have to lose? These don't sound like big goals but when you add up 52 goals in one will be quite a different person come baby step, bite-size change at a time.

Happy Monday and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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