Whole30 Reset Day 8

Well, my not posting is, excitingly, not due to me quitting! It's quite the contrary. My not posting is because I am doing SO good that I haven't felt compelled to blog about my feelings! I made everyone delicious smelling ham biscuits this weekend and barely batted an eye. My boyfriend enjoyed some tasty looking beers in front of me quite a few times and I wasn't tempted in the least. And last night we had his mom over for soup and I made everyone but me garlic bread to go with it (one of my favorite comfort foods) and I didn't really even think about it!

Instead, I can't stop thinking about how good I feel. Energetic, even emotions, regular!!! I spent almost all day yesterday in the kitchen. I am getting pretty freaking creative and Gino and his mom officially named me "queen of pico" last night which I'm quite proud of considering it was my first time ever making it! I feel so in control going into the week with a ton of healthy, tasty food prepped.

I'm getting back to that feeling that I remember now so much more clearly from a few years ago. That feeling of easily being able to make proper food choices because I feel so amazing after I do. Why is it suddenly clearer? Because EVERYTHING is clearer. I don't forget things as easily. My workouts are not miserable. I fall asleep with ease, sleep hard and wake up pretty perky....well, as perky as *I* ever could anyway!

I feel so convicted about this that I am 100% certain that I will follow this plan pretty closely when the 30 days are over. Although I WILL enjoy some treats here and there. I started a list of treats I want after this is over. So far, ham biscuits....

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