Whole30 Reset Day 5

Well, it's official! This is LITERALLY the longest I've ever not cheated when eating healthy. I have to keep emphasizing, this is NOT a crash diet! This is a hormone reset. I decided to use the pic above because (a) it's funny and (b) it describes how I feel right now. Full of energy and happy! And this is a good reflection of how Gino is probably feeling right now too....happy about my attitude adjustment.

Okay, I lied, I cheated again. I weighed this morning. I know, I'm bad. But I lost another pound!! I'm pushing 10 pounds in 4 days! Again, I KNOW this isn't fat loss but that's okay! It's actually better than that! I believe this is my body releasing stagnant toxic fluid. I can't even put into words how much better I feel. I PROMISE to not weigh again...until at least Monday. Which won't be hard because my scale is in my studio and I'm not working all weekend so I won't have access to it! And, I know, I know, I need to stop focusing on the scales. But I want to clarify, this is FAR from the only thing I'm focused on. So here's my short list of other, non-scale, improvements I've already observed.

  • Muscle and joint aches GONE! I mean complete gone! I knew it was the grains and sugar but I think I was addicted to them again and the definition of addiction is seeking out a particular substance despite the negative consequences. "The Dorito Effect" discusses a Yale study that demonstrated that an overeater's pleasure centers don't light up anymore than other's do when they consume junk food but that the desire for and anticipation of pleasure from the food is more intense....classic addict response. Which leads me right into my next improvement....
  • Cravings are GONE! I mean GONE! Now, I have no doubt that my cravings went away sooner than a lot of people report them going away (and I never went through the withdraw headaches either) because I already ate pretty decent compared to the standard American diet. So, if you're doing the whole30 and you are starting from more extreme circumstances (eating more out of control before starting), then it may take you a couple of extra days to get to where I am but STICK WITH IT! There is nothing much more freeing and liberating than not feeling controlled by food. On the flipside there is nothing much more depressing and demoralizing than feeling controlled by it. Which, again, helps me flow ninja-like smoothly into my next point....
  • I AM HAPPIER! I am literally happier! The first couple days were hard because I had to disconnect food from enjoyable situations. I considered taking my son to Hobby Lobby because we enjoy just wandering around looking in places like that (until he starts crying and begging for stuff at which time we leave and my fantasy of us being crafty, artsy minimalists is once again crapped on by precious little boy). Well, a second after the thought of going to HL entered my mind, it was followed by the thought, "Yeah, and then we can get ice cream!" Before my reset, this would've made the prospect even more appealing. However, being in the midst of my "happy food mourning period", I sacked the entire idea because I felt like "what's the point?" Now that attachment is, once again, fading. And life is actually sweeter! Hanging with my son is now the highlight, not the ice cream. Likewise, going to Zumba last night (one of my favorite things) seemed bleak because I wasn't going to be able to get the gym's AMAZINING peanut butter, chocolate protein shake afterward. I almost didn't want to go. But, instead, I ate a super early dinner a couple hours before Zumba, flossed and brushed and decided that, unless I got super hungry again, I wasn't going to eat again. I had a light, comfortable feeling as I drove home from the gym and when I went to bed....instead of the heavy, farty feeling that controls me for the rest of the night when I have the shake.
  • My libido is higher! Okay, sorry if that's an overshare but I've learned a few times now that bloated, gassy Tammi isn't very frisky. Not to mention I am 100% convinced that if we have this certain amount of desire within us that we need to do things to satiate. And we can possibly fill that desire each day with enough synthetic, pleasurable tasting food. And, speaking of synthetic foods, processed foods alter your hormones which absolutely affects your libido!
  • Here's the most important one....my mind is CLEAR again!! I had forgotten what it feels like to feel full of energy and able to think clearly! HOW did I forget that eating poorly clouded my brain?! I guess it's a catch 22. You can't think clearly enough to remember what's causing the problem. I feel inspired. Motivated. In control! In Zumba lately, I've noticed that I haven't been able to learn new, simple moves. Not to brag, but (I'm gonna) I'm usually pretty great at learning new moves the very first time I see a routine. Lately, though I became concerned, like "is this just what happens when you start getting older?" It literally started to make me feel old. Well, last night about 1/3 of the songs were routines I had never seen/done before. I felt like my old self! It all came easily to me again! Another routine that I've been doing for a while had this one move that I just couldn't get, last night it just came naturally.
  • And last, but not least, I feel younger!! Way younger. As I mentioned in my last point, I was starting to attribute certain things to age. Like somehow being 38 was waaaay different than being 35 or 36. Well, that is most certainly NOT the case. It was my food choices, plain and simple.
Just 2 days ago, I was pretty certain that I would end up "cheating" tonight. Friday night, generally my throw down, cheat night, is almost here. I am looking forward to getting a good steak at a farm to table with a side of veggies, maybe some potatoes. And, yeah, I'm sure it'll be tasty enough. But strange thing. I'm not so much looking forward to Friday night for the reason I usually do, boos and pizza. I'm looking forward to a Friday night with my interesting, funny, sexy and amazing boyfriend. He will finally get my full attention tonight....instead of having to share it with dessert.

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