Whole30 Reset Day 25....Should I Start Over?

I have something that's really bugging me. I feel like I haven't done the Whole30 the right way. I actually read an article on their website recently about how a lot of people feel this way no matter what they do. While I have not once eaten a "no-no" food, I HAVE weighed....a lot....

I feel like this alone should make me start over because it is strictly against the rules. But the other thing that's really bothering me is I think I'm still eating for reasons other than hunger. I had slowly, so slowly I didn't even realize it right away, replaced chips made out of grains with plantain chips. I replaced sugary desserts with medjool dates. Obviously these are huge improvements but they still feed an emotional craving I'm having, not a physical one.

Plus, I just don't feel done yet! I feel like I need more time with these black and white rules before I release myself back into the wild. Honestly, I don't know that I should give myself that freedom of choice again until the freedom of choice no longer scares me!

So tomorrow's post may well be titled "Whole30, Round 2: Day 1"

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