Whole30 Reset Day 19

Holy crap! Day 19! And over halfway through the day so only 10 1/2 days left! And Friday is here again. This one's easy. We are snowed in! We managed to get my son, at his relentless persisting, to his dad's house for the night then stopped by the grocery store to make sure we were prepared for a cozy, icy night in. I resisted the amazing looking confetti cake marked down to half price and left instead with a massive amount of broccoli and brussels sprouts for roasting with garlic tonight. Yummmm. If I'm desperate for something sweet I've got these tasty Bard Valley Natural Delights Pumpkin Date Rolls that I am in love with. They are all real, whole ingredients, sweetened only with the dates and I enjoy them very much but I don't crave or NEED them. I can eat one tiny roll and be perfectly content...or I can eat none and be fine, which makes them a winner in my book! 

Today I found myself tempted for just a fraction of a second here and there to cheat just because it felt like it would be nice to be all cozied in with some great flicks and tasty snacks. I quickly remembered, however, how I've felt by the end of the day any time I do this. Not cozy. Not content. Like crap! So I'll roast my veggies up nice and crisp, dip 'em in guac and enjoy my night for more substantial reasons than processed, non-food stuffs. And, bonus, I won't be killing myself! 

I think my biggest temptation right now is that I would loooove to have a glass of wine or a little sip of rum. THAT really does seem cozy! But I know that it would make me feel less than great (something I'm not really used to feeling anymore) at some point, whether it be tonight or tomorrow morning and that's not even factoring in how unbelievably horrible I would feel for screwing up this close to the finish. 

Speaking of the finish!!!....

I am seriously considering doing another Whole30 a few days after ending this one. I never thought I'd say this but I love the strictness of it! It takes the gray areas out of my decison. Been eating great, stop at Taco Bell? Nope, can't! Maybe just some chips...and some sour cream....and cheese with my salad. Nope! Not an option. 

Another thing I'm considering doing instead is a Whole5. This would be where, Beginning Sunday evening at dinner time, through Friday afternoon lunchtime, I eat perfect Whole30. Then Friday evening through Sunday lunchtime, I eat a little looser. Not crazy, balls to wall, loose. Just not so stritch and if I want a frozen yogurt or a beer, then that's okay. 

Whatever I decide to do it'll be something waaaay better than I was doing at the start of all this. 

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