Whole30 Reset Day 12

Wow! I am quickly approaching the halfway mark. And, here I am again, about to face down a Friday night. Last Friday night (ordinarily my cheat night and something I was very concerned about) ended up going very well. We went to Chipotle which was nice because I've put in a lot of work preparing all my food to make sure it's completely clean. I chose Chipotle because they have enough clean, compliant foods where I could get me a nice tasty dinner and be okay.

The next morning, after we worked out, we ended up going to a local place called The Fresh Depot. I became one of THOSE people where I had to ask the waiter a bunch of questions, he had to go ask the chef and then he even had to take my salad back when he brought it out with cheese. He was SO unbelievably sweet and thoughtful about the whole thing. I really got lucky because I felt like he was on my side, like he wanted me to stay compliant...and he was tipped accordingly for it! I ended up having a plain chicken breast (shout out to the local chicken who I hear had a good life up until shortly before it became my brunch) with some mixed spices on top, a bowl of mixed salad greens with EVOO, salt and pepper and aspargus with white vinegar (that the waiter brought out especially from the kitchen when he saw me read the ingredients of the red wine vinegar available at a condiment table and walk away empty handed.

So, yeah, it was nice....but a little much for a freaking meal! So I've been perfectly content to prepare/eat all my meals since in the comfort of my own home/workplace. That changes tonight though. It's tradition and, after all, Gino isn't doing this program and deserves a night out! Sooooo....it's back to Chipotle we go! lol

I'm pretty excited about tonight actually. Generally our Friday nights go a little something like this:

Since he lives literally 30 seconds from my studio, I go to his house from work and start getting ready about an hour before he gets home. I'm all fixed up by the time he does his 5 minute man thing and walks out smelling all good. We sit and have an alcoholic beverage of some sort before we head to a pub somewhere for wings and beer and cheesy stuff. We hit a bar but still almost always end up heading back at a very decent time. Never drunk but quite often not exactly sober. Usually on the ride home I feel a little icky. I wake up the next morning not exactly hung over but not exactly feeling great. Again, just a little icky. I often BS my way through my Saturday morning workout and eat something less than ideal for breakfast afterward.

Last Saturday, I woke up feeling amazing! And I KILLED my workout! This Saturday I expect no less. 

So, tonight, we are going to yoga! Then back to Chipotle. In bed at a decent time, up early for a quick workout before he picks up his daughter and I head to work for a few hours. At one time this would've been kind of depressing to think about. Now it feels great to know that my Friday night/Saturday morning won't set me back from a whole week of halfassing my way through life, kinda sorta being healthy all week. Instead, it will actually ADD to my wellbeing and health! I will leave Saturday a better, healthier, more organized person, instead of crawling into bed Saturday night feeling like crap after just getting through the day as best as I could and resolving that Sunday will be better. 

I'm learning that being truly healthy is ALWAYS taking your health into consideration. That's not to say you don't incorporate certain cheats but you most definitely don't take a night off from being healthy. I think maybe possibly I'm on the path to self-love. We shall see.

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