Whole30 Reset Day 10

Day 9 is behind me and this is day 10 of 30!! I cant believe how good I feel!
Between work and child rearing, life can get a little hectic and its so easy for me to reach for convenience food. I've done pretty great about not doing this very much but I'm still managing to do it once a day. I'm also nibbling on these date roll things I've found and justifying a Larabar about every day when I'm super busy even though I know it's for the sweet taste. So I'm resolving today to stop these two habits for the remaining 21 days. It's not like I think these two things are so horrible. In fact, just 10 short days ago I would've been proud of myseld for choosing these natural ingredients for my sweet fix....but that's the problem, it's still a fix. Even if it's not physically the most unhealthy thing ever, it's not mentally healthy. So my goal here on out is no more Larabars every day and to acknowledge and confront these cravings as they hit. I'll pay attention to when they're strongest and what triggers them. Is it what I'm eating that day leading up to the craving? Or is it in response to something mental?
The other reason it's imprtant to me to cut these out is because they are taking the place of higher quality, more life giving, nourishing foods I could be eating! I've been reminded of how good I can feel again and I am addicted! People are starting to notice the physical changes in my skin and my body, which is nice. But what I like more is that they are noticing a difference in my spirit! And that is definitely a true reflection of how I feel. I feel inspired, excited, energetic, light and, at times, obnoxiously happy!

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