Whole 30 Reset Day 11

Yummy bone broth is my new comfort food <3

I'm officially past the 1/3 mark!! Honestly, in this moment, I feel like I could do this forever and never cheat...I know that won't be the case because treats are yummy and a wonderful part of life but, my point is, they are back in their place. They are treats again, not just what I grab almost every day to make me happy. 

Yesterday was a super balanced, not-so-hungry day. Which is in stark contrast to the day before where I felt very hungry a large part of the day. And I am absolutely positive what made the difference. My hungry day didn't consist of big plates of veggies or contain enough protein. Yesterday I had a bowl of chicken/veggie soup and asparagus for breakfast (yes, breakfast) and then I was good until lunch about 5 hours later! I had a giant plate of salad veggies with some beef and guac on top. About 3 hours later I started to feel a little unfocused and slightly hungry so I threw 2 farm eggs in the pan (yes, I'm very fortunate to have a small kitchen where I work but someone could just bring hardboiled eggs ahead of time to work if they don't) and those 2 eggs carried me straight through to dinner.

So here comes my dinner "victory". I went to my parent's house for dinner with my whole family. They were all having spaghetti with garlic bread. Keep in mind I'm an Italian girl and I basically have garlic running through my viens. Resisting this meal would have felt like torture at one time. However, I barely thought of it at all! I'm even the one who prepared the garlic bread. While it was toasting I threw some of my meat and veggies into a pan and served it up with some slices of avocado for myself. I spent the entire meal completely focused on conversation and enjoying my family. Never once did I think about what I was missing out on! That is CRAZY to me!

When we were done, my sister-in-law and I, both gals with a big sweet tooth, scoured the kitchen for something sweet. She settled on a couple choices out of a box of chocolates (that one stung for just a second) while I very contently ate an orange and felt COMPLETELY satisfied afterward! I flossed on the drive home and didn't think about food again.

Someone without "food issues" probably can't appreciate this post in the least. However, someone who has struggled with food issues as much as I have is probably scrambling to learn more about Whole30 about now. This truly is NOT a fad diet. It is one month to balance and nourish your body and learn to have a better relationship with food. This program will always be a part of my life. When I get done with these 30 days, I will have much better health and habits because of it. When I feel like I've strayed too far off course, I will return to this program to hit the reset button. I am finally fully awake again and, it turns out, I wasn't getting old! I was getting toxic!

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