Tired of Being a Slave to Food....Let's Get Mad!!

If you have spent your life feeling out of control when it comes to food, you have to read this...
I've always been amazed at how I can feel so disciplined but then I break open a bag of flavored chips or a box of danish wedding cookies and no matter how far I've come and how in control I feel, I start eating uncontrollably and don't stop until my belly hurts.

Well, I've since learned about something some call "no brakes" food. These are unnatural foods that never make our bodies release (or even BLOCK) leptin which is the hormone our bodies release to tell us whatever we were craving has been satisfied.

The current book I'm "reading" (listening to) is called "The Dorito Effect" and it really goes into more depth than I've ever heard before about exactly what is being done to our food supply. Okay, I'm not gonna lie, there are parts of this book that are just way too drug out and technical...BUT it's still so worth the read (or listen).

So why do we feel so out of control when we eat processed foods (because no matter how juicy an apple is, you don't hear about people binging on them)? There are scientists hard at work, being paid by a multi-billion dollar food industry to create flavors and textures that will make us addicted to certain products. Doesn't that make you mad?!?! It does me!

A perfect way to get back in touch with our own signals of hunger and satiety is to eat whole, natural foods and avoid any strange ingredients INCLUDING things like "natural flavoring" which can literally mean absolutely ANYTHING, and almost always includes those chemicals they've laced their food like substances with to make us junkies.

So now it's time to get good and mad!!!

I've had a client here and there recently get upset with me when I tell them how it is when it comes to food. And I mean, they literally exhibit anger toward me! They don't want to give up their comforts and I totally get it! But they take a very "shoot the messenger attitude" about it. Fact is fact is fact. If you eat garbage, you will feel like garbage and your body will respond accordingly.

Get mad but don't get mad at me!
Get mad at the state of food in your country!

Why is it that hardcore drugs are illegal because the government is trying to protect us, but food companies can knowingly get us (AND OUR CHILDREN!) addicted to their food even though the end result is anything from heart disease to diabetes to morbid obesity so out of control that they have to cut people out of their houses and bury them in shipping crates and that's okay? Why aren't people up in arms that the very crops that are killing us, like sugar, corn and soy are subsidized with OUR taxes instead of fresh fruits and vegetables so that THEY (instead of chips and cookies) would be more affordable to everyone? Why aren't we absolutely outraged that these big food companies pay lobbyists millions of dollars to make sure no laws are ever passed that will hurt their ownership of our food system?! These companies quite literally do not care if you die! They do not care if your children die. The one and only thing they are care about is money. As much as possible. So, yeah, get mad! Get real mad!....just don't get mad at me!

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