Where The Inside Meets the Light

This meme is so timely in a society where an 18 year old girl getting plastic surgery gets way more coverage than an 18 year old girl being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

We admire people and elevate them to some special status for winning a genetic lottery that provides them with symmetrical features, nice hair, good proportions, whatever. But I've always thought that the true test is when the inside starts oozing to the outside, in either direction, which just takes years of living. Mean, angry people become hard looking and have frown lines. Happy, positive people, who may have started early in life not looking significantly exceptional, develop gentle lines that hint at all the laughter and smiles that have taken place in their life. Their eyes twinkle with acceptance when they look at you. THAT has become real beauty to me. The beauty of youth can sometimes be a mask that will someday inevitably fall away so we had better make sure our souls are in order when it does.

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