Loss Over Christmas

Not all loss over Christmas is a bad thing. Last night I had an epiphany. I was a little bummed to step on the scales yesterday and only see a 0.6 pound loss for the week. Then it occurred to me....I LOST weight over Christmas! I actually did this a couple years ago too. The loss felt pretty significant after that because I (and most people) tend to GAIN over Christmas.

This just reinforces what I've known for a long time. When you're ready...you're ready! It may come in the middle of a day on Wednesday or, in my case, the week of Christmas. On the flip side, when you're not ready, it doesn't matter if it's a new week, of a new month, of a new year. It doesn't matter if you've just purchased a weight loss package of some sort or personal training sessions with yours truly, you won't succeed. Mindset is everything!

And my head is in the game! It is a combination of just getting to a point where I felt thick and gross and really flooding my brain with inspirational/informative material. And I'm happy to say that the thick feeling is officially GONE but my motivation isn't! I am so excited to once again see what I can do with my body. And to not have the self-limiting thoughts of "but what if my this-or-that never looks perfect" is so unbelievably liberating. This time around it's just to be the best I can be for ME ME ME! I want this body to do everything it can do for me as long as it can do it. Anything else is gravy....flour free, healthy gravy....if such a thing exists please inbox me!

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