Wednesday November 4, 2015

Each month in the yoga portion of my class, I've begun having a theme. Last month it was "letting go of ego." This month, since it's the month of Thanksgiving, it seemed natural to have the theme of gratitude. I've found that these themes really help me to stay focused on my spiritual development (something I tend to neglect otherwise) because at least once a week I have to read or watch something or I will be caught with my pants down rambling about some vague notion of gratitude that I have. I started off this month by challenging everyone in the class (including myself) not to complain for the entire month. Complaining includes gossiping! I've caught myself complaining and/or gossiping a couple of times since then and change my thought process. This is challenging right now because someone I love dearly is sick and it's hard to stay positive. But it's the very reason I need to stay positive! Not just for myself but for her and for everyone around me.

More on my feelings and learning on gratitude later. Now for my goals...

Today's Dietary/Fitness Goals:
100 oz water -80 oz
Upper body strength -done!!!
pick up and juice veggies in the evening -done! (thanks to Gino for juicing when I hit a wall)
Something raw with 4 out of 6 meals -horrible!! eating was horrible!
Hit 35g fiber goal -had to do psyllium husk to meet my goal
prep tomorrow's food
Stop eating by 6pm...stopped by 2:30 because I ate so badly! I figured my body needed a break!...ended up having a protein shake around 6:30 so my body wouldn't eat my muscle
So I can be in bed by 9pm!! -in bed by 8:45 but awake until probably close to 10

Other Goals:

Spend at least 10 minutes cleaning the studio -done
Read one entire ACE or Ideafit email (to always be an informed & evolved trainer) -done!!
Meditate -crap
spend 30  minutes uninterrupted quality time with Phoenix this evening -done
Clean car -didn't happen :(
Call Chiro to make apt -done! Finally!

OMG!! I did horrible!! I was carb crazy today! I've noticed that I get really hungry for carbs when my body is really sore from strength training so I choose to believe my body needs it...although I could definitely choose better carb sources. All I can do is eat extra clean tomorrow. Sorry Tammi's body :(

You can look HERE on MyFitnessPal to see my food log for today

I try never to do the same exact workout twice. Our bodies adapt so easily that they'll never react the second time the way they reacted the first time to a particular workout.

Superset #1
Incline bench DB press
Bent over DB row
2 sets low weight, 20 reps; 3rd set med weight, 12 reps, 4th set high weight, 6-8 reps

Superset #2
Push ups
TRX rows
3 sets max reps

Superset #3
Flat bench DB chest flies
Lat pulldown
2 sets low weight, 20 reps; 3rd set med weight, 12 reps, 4th set high weight, 6-8 reps

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