Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I'm feeling really good about my training lately! This is the time of year when you have people dropping like flies. And, while I am definitely slower, I am still trucking along with a pretty consistent and full training schedule, all things considered. I've even picked up two new clients this week! And I'm not just feeling good about the number of clients that I have but, more importantly, the quality of clients I have. Most all are extremely dedicated and consistent. It is inspiring to ME to have inspired clients. It makes me determined to be more selective about who I agree to or continue to train in the future. It is not helpful to a client who is not ready to change for me to continue to accept payment and go through the motions with them. It's not helpful to me either. I am too sensitive to the feelings of people around me to expose myself to people who aren't ready to change. It discourages and stagnates me. Now, make no mistake, I am NOT referring to clients who STRUGGLE to change. I am talking about clients who truly don't even try. They cancel more than they show up, each excuse being sillier than the last. Clients who struggle...I love you!! The struggle is real! I still live it every day. Food is my best friend and worst enemy. I am working hard to develop a good relationship with it each and every day. Sometimes it nourishes and cleanses me....other times it poisons me. Depends on my state of mind on any given day or even moment to moment.

So, speaking of food....I have a new love that I want to scream from the rooftops! I just found it a couple days ago. It's called Promise Gluten Free Chia Seed Loaf. Now I'll go ahead and tell you the two things keeping this from being a deep and everlasting true love. (1) It's not perfectly clean ingredients...although it's not horrible either! (2) You have to get the crust pretty hard to get the middle decently toasty. But, even considering all that, I am still pretty in love! 150 calories for 2 slices with ELEVEN grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein and no sugar! Bread is by nature not an ideal food. However, when you're a real person who wants an occasional piece of toast or a sandwich and you're trying to reach 35 grams of fiber a day while staying in your calorie limit, this bread can really help fit the bill! Other drawback...the price. Almost $5 for a small loaf. Silver lining? Between the fiber and the cost, I'm content with making it a once in a while treat and not overdoing it.

I post these goals at the beginning of the day (for accountability more than anything!) and then I'll go in tonight and update them...

Today's Dietary/Fitness Goals:
100 oz water -done!!
2 servings of herbal tea -done!!
Prepare for and teach class -prepared
pick up and juice veggies in the evening
drink at least 8 oz bone broth -done!
Something raw with 4 out of 6 meals -3 out of 6, not bad
Hit 35g fiber goal-hit 32g by 12:30!! Whoa! It's gonna be a rough night!....40g total baby!!
prep tomorrow's food-half done anyway
Stop eating by 6pm... -done by 5:45!!!
So I can be in bed by 9pm!! -9:45, I'll take it!

Other Goals:
This is my shortest day of work this week so I have big plans for those couple of extra hours....
Spend at least 20 minutes cleaning the studio -done!!
learn 2 new body weight exercises -done!
Read one entire ACE or Ideafit email (to always be an informed & evolved trainer) -didn't do...but I did listen to a couple youtube videos on nutrition while I did some paperwork
Meditate -didn't do :( This is a hard one for me that I really need to work on!
spend 30  minutes uninterrupted quality time with Phoenix this evening -more like an hour! We had fun!!
Clean car -rained all day so I organized one of my kitchen cabinets that was driving me crazy instead
One load of laundry start to finish -2 loads!! Folded and put away!
Call Chiro to make apt -um oops!

You can look HERE on MyFitnessPal to see my food log for today

(teaching class today)
20 minutes high intensity "cardio dance" (generic Zumba)
12 minutes core circuits (45 sec work/15 sec rest)
    -straight leg reverse crunches
    -plank reach (plank w/ alternating raise of opposite leg/arm)
    -windshield wipers 
    -thread the needle (side plank w/ reach under the body) -right side first round, left second
    -extra slow bicycles w/ pause in the middle (try to sit up high the whole time)
    -repeat all above exercises twice then follow with a 2 minute plank...do what you can.
25 minutes yoga (this ends up being about 10-15 minutes fast flow followed by guided meditation)

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