Gratitude and Hating Myself

Today in yoga I had an epiphany. This month my class and I had resolved to try to avoid complaining. We included gossip as complaining. One area that I failed to include was inner dialogue. Halfway through yoga I caught myself!!!

"Too heavy, you're not light enough"
"Shirt coming up, your belly is showing"
"You are so weak today!"

Then finally I said something different.... "ENOUGH!!!" I stopped what I was doing and went into child's pose and had a little talk with myself. I forgave myself and resolved to be in the moment for the rest of the class and embrace exactly who I am in that moment! And that's exactly what I did! And I feel amazing now!

So that's officially included in my November close attention to inner dialogue that doesn't mirror the gratitude I am trying to apply in my life. I DESERVE to be loved and accepted at all times, not just when I'm having a good hair day, if I've eaten the right foods in the right amounts or when my body fat is to an acceptable level, I deserve self-love each and every day of my life!

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