New Week, New Month.....New You???

New week/New month! Perfect time to start in on those goals! Problem is, you're the same person you were yesterday, on a Sunday and at the end of a month. So instead of jumping in feet first, this time pick ONE thing to change!! What's one thing you KNOW you can do all month without failing? How about more veggies? Non starchy veggies are low in calories and very filling. They also provide your body with much needed vitamins and nutrients that will help stop those false hunge...r signals. How about moving more? Getting more sleep? Whatever it is, make sure it's something attainable that will not only help you achieve your long-term goals but will help boost your confidence about your ability to accomplish ALL your goals! This isn't a sprint, it's a marathon! If you struggle with your weight, you will ALWAYS have to be careful! Make the changes now that will stick with you forever!

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