Look!! The Perfect Diet Pill!! Lose all your weight overnight!!!

I very frequently have clients and/or salespeople ask me about supplements. Pretty much on a weekly basis actually. First, as an ACE certified fitness profession, it is unethical for me to do anything other than help a client research information on a supplement they are curious about. Second, I want each and every person to know that you DO NOT need a supplement to get healthy and lose weight!! Unless a doctor has diagnosed some hormonal imbalance or deficiency in your body, you don't need to pop pills, drink shakes or wrap things around your body! In fact, many supplements can actually be detrimental to your health!

These advertisements that you see for supplements, keep in mind that almost none of them are backed by actual scientific studies. Many of the "testimonials" are fitness professionals or body builders who have applied their knowledge of fitness and nutrition to losing a few extra pounds and agreed to take a company's supplement for some type of monetary gain. I am SO angry at the weight loss industry!!! I am SO SICK of the empty promises and the millions of dollars wasted annually! Yes, maybe you can find some kind of herb that may possibly provide a small boost to old fashion hard work and dedication but the difference is so small that your money would be better spent on higher quality food or new fitness equipment. YOU are the only tool you need. YOU!!!! YOU!!!! YOU!!!! That's it! You don't even need me!!! STOP looking for answers in pills!! Educate yourself. Proper sleep. MOVE. Feed your body quality food. Learn what quality food is for YOUR body!!! That's it. No magic bullet. Period.

Sorry for the rant but I get upset when I log on to find someone promoting garbage to my page followers on MY page!! A page I created from my heart for the sole purpose of trying to bring people the truth. Each and every person struggling so hard to lose weight represents me and what I've gone through in my life. I will not tolerate it. I will delete posts, I will block people, I will lose personal friends if I have to. I don't like to do it, but I WILL NOT allow people to be preyed upon. Not on my watch!

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