Always Hungry? Eat Protein!

Always hungry? I am! It's why I'm in the constant struggle with my weight. However, here's one little key thing I keep coming back to....

Protein! Lean protein has been shown in many studies to keep you more satisfied and fuller for a longer amount of time. Protein also takes about 30% of the calories ingested just to metabolize it (compared to somewhere around 15-20% for carbs).

Think protein powder (with a low carb/sugar count), skinless chicken breast, low fat dairy, etc.
Now, don't confuse me saying "lean" and "low fat" with me saying healthy dietary fat is bad! It's actually essential. However, fat is a dense macronutrient, coming in at 9 calories per gram so it's easy to consume a lot of calories with a small amount of fat. And, sorry guys, calories DO matter! Different foods cause different hormonal effects but, at the end of the day, calories in vs. calories out still holds true. Therefore, at 4 calories per gram and a much more positive metabolic effect to your body than carbohydrates, protein is your friend in weight loss!

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