It Feels so SO Good

I've seriously felt like crap lately!!!

A few months ago it started with the flu and I've had two back to back colds that seem to drag out forever, some weird digestive issues and now...a beautiful fever blister! Haven't had one in over two years!

So I woke up this morning snotty (I swear it felt more like a hangover) and with a heart beat in my bottom lip. By all accounts, it would've been pretty safe to say that I was in store for a BAD DAY!!

Lately I've missed running. I know someone who doesn't work out (and probably lots who do) can't comprehend how a person could want to run on purpose. In fact, for a large portion of my life, I was one of those people who didn't understand runners.

However, with my body aching, my lip pounding, the air chilly and a light sprinkle of rain, I set out on the sidewalks around my studio early this morning.

Anyone who loves running knows why I did. Everyone else, let me explain....

After pushing through some serious misery, the air still cold, dark and wet, MY clouds parted. With my heart pounding, my breath heavy, I started to feel a lightness. It was a short run. Probably less than 20 minutes. But, by the time I walked back in the door, I felt so ready to face my day.

There's plenty of science out there to explain why exercise has this effect on us but I can't remember big words so I'll just say this....It feels so SO good!! When you've challenged yourself physically, especially on days when it's a mental challenge as well, it completely COMPLETELY changes your entire body and mind. You feel in control, happier, more energetic, the world isn't such a scary, overwhelming place anymore. YOU JUST FEEL GOOD!!!

I've really struggle with pushing myself lately. Partly because of how sick I've been and partly because I've been so unbelievably busy. However, I have become acutely aware of how not pushing my body hard enough and on a consistent basis, tends to make me feel like I'm walking through life if a foggy haze. As soon as I get a good sweat session in my body doesn't just feel good in general...the aches and pains go away!!! I know SO many people that will completely back me up on this! It seem counterintuitive but, more times than not, moving and pushing through a little pain will make the pain actually lessen or disappear all together. And, even if it doesn't, your elevated mood will make you much better equipped to deal with it.

So, stop exercising because you want to lose weight. Stop exercising because you want a shelf booty. Get out and move that most precious gift you have ever been bestowed, your body. I promise you, you will never ever regret it!

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