A Need For Comfort

  1. Today I received some very upsetting news about a client's health. I found myself on the brink of tears pretty much the whole day. Pushing it down and painting on my smile for the rest of my clients. By the time I left the gym, I had one thought on my mind...I want something tasty! I wanted Reese cups or a burger or maybe some fries....preferably all of the above.

    This type of reflex is probably... pretty relatable to a lot of people. It was my go to comfort (food followed by hours of tv or mind numbing computer games). Not any more. Why? Because I also have had enough experience with how I feel by the end of the day and the next morning when I give into this reflex.

    So, today was supposed to be my rest day from exercise. When I was done working at the gym, I had a little bit of down time before I needed to be anywhere. Perfect time to hit McDs. Instead of hitting the drive through, I grabbed my "emergency workout gear" and did a fast, hard workout. After my workout I grabbed a Kombucha, rolled my window down and put on some happy tunes while I drove to my next stop.

    While I was driving this amazing rush of happiness poured over me. The sadness melted away. As always, I could not control the sad and stressful things swirling around my life. But what I could and DID control was my reaction to it.

    I felt strong. Physically and mentally.

    Comfort can be found in many forms. Some forms of comfort will leave us feeling depleted and empty. Others will fill us so full that we are ready to face the next stressful or sad event which will ALWAYS show up eventually.

    My old comfort was short lived and caused me great pain. Now I find comfort in my health, in my son's smile, in that perfect crook under my boyfriend's arm and in every great, simple thing in life that makes tomorrow just a little brighter.

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