Fireproof Bridge

This post is a bit different than most in that I am addressing clients I've worked with who may still be following my blog. However, I'm sure other people who I've never met could possibly benefit from this as well.

I want to start by saying that there is an aspect to this profession (personal trainer/health coach) that I struggle with which I never anticipated. I never realized just how much of a control freak I was until getting into this line of work. I almost wish that I could follow people around 24/7 and slap Nutrigrain bars out of their hands at breakfast time, make them work out when they're tired and force them into bed at a decent time. Likewise, I wish that I could break into their house and take them by force to their appointment times with me. However, once they walk out of my door (or I walk out of theirs), other than the occasional phone call or email where I may try to gently encourage them, I am virtually powerless when it comes to their decisions. 

So I've learned to let them go and trust that they will be back when THEY are ready, rather when I am ready for them to be ready. In the meantime, I live with the hope that I've planted a seed that will one day grow into great resolve to finally grab their life by the horns.

Now, for my message to each and every one of you who may have temporarily fallen off:

I am not judging you. I've been where you are. I've quit a thousand times. I don't shake my head in disgust when you don't show up for an appointment or you call to say life is too busy. Likewise, I would never be anything less than ecstatic to see you again, even if you've canceled or even just not shown up a thousand times. When it comes to me (and, on a grander scale, a healthier life), there is no such thing as burning a bridge. Don't ever be ashamed to come back. Quite the opposite. If I haven't seen you for 6 months, and I see your face come through my door, or hear your voice on the other end of the line, I will be so proud of you for pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and trying yet again. There is no such thing as failure. This is not a straight line to success. You will have good days and bad days (maybe even bad months or years). As the saying goes, "you only fail when you stop trying." Don't EVER stop trying!!! It is never too late. No one is EVER EVER a lost cause. I am hear when you're ready and, in the meantime....better lock your doors. ;-)


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