Shut Up Liar!!

How do you love yourself if you....well, don't love yourself? This was the question I struggled with for years. "You just have to love yourself enough to do it." Okay, that's not helpful. So let me break it down for you. FAKE IT! Just tell yourself "I love you" even if you feel stupid and don't believe it.
I always felt undeserving of anything good. I punished my body with bad food and no exercise... when I was stressed out. I punished my heart with relationships that didn't add to my wellbeing.
Once I decided I was going to fake it, and I started using positive self-talk, everything started to change.
Did I suddenly feel deserving? No way. In fact, I can't pinpoint exactly when the change occured. However, I woke up this morning feeling completely deserving of the body I have worked so hard for, the amazing man that loves me and makes my head spin, and the job that makes me excited to wake up and get ready for each day. I always thought that if/when I ever got to this point in my life that I would still feel like I was faking it. But I don't. I feel 100% deserving and comfortable (yet still unbelievely humbled and grateful) of everything I have worked so hard to achieve.
The negative self-talk still creeps into my head on a daily basis. But, likewise, another louder, more insistent voice has now been trained to speak up right behind it and declare "SHUT UP LIAR!"
If you don't believe you deserve something. You're right. If you DO believe you deserve something....YOU'RE RIGHT!! Start today. Argue with that little nasty voice in your head. Post notes around your house that say "I love you". "You deserve to be happy". On your fridge post "You deserve to be nourished with healthy food because I love you and you're worth it."

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