Happy New Year

True change doesn't happen until we pry ourselves up out of the ground where we are currently stuck...even buried. Until we cast off past hurts, long held beliefs and ideas about who we are and what we deserve, real change can not happen. We need to be fluid and flexible, able to switch courses as needed in life. Today is NOT that magical day when our lives will completely change and we will become that person we've always longed to be. No single day will be that day. BUT today is the only moment we currently have to start looking at our lives realistically, to stop shifting blame (and, therefore, POWER) onto other people and start assessing what we can change first. Real, life-long change generally happens in tiny steps. Let's take that first step today. And the next one tomrrow. By 2014, we will be well on our way to that person we've always longed to be!
Stay true to yourself. Give yourself what you deserve this year. Happy New Year!

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