Two a Day Challenge!

I am a firm believer in making tiny changes instead of big life overhauls. Why? Because you have to work new things into your life, things you can live with forever. So, if you're addicted to fast food and chain smoking, it's unrealistic to put down the cigs and start eating a 100% organic, clean diet. Instead, you analyze your current situation and ask yourself what tiny step you could take to be a little better tomorrow than you are today. That's what I did this morning.

I eat good, I work out hard, I closing in on bikini season with confidence, but I always want to do something better. I'm challenging myself (and you) to add one fruit and one veggie to my diet each day. For me, I already eat a lot of fruits and veggies so working a couple more in won't be a big thing. If your diet is similiar to mine, this change won't be hard for you either. However, if you're not eating any fruits and veggies right now, just add one of each a day. Or even just a fruit if veggies turn your stomach.That's it. "For how long?" you ask....forever! Of course! One simple change is a first step toward a better you. Who's with me?

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