Time for a New Challenge-Bikini Time Baby!

I love to constantly set new fitness challenges for myself so I have something for which to strive. I generally set goals that involve noble things like more endurance, ability to do a pull up, etc. Well, this one is purely shallow baby! I have never, once, in my whole life, felt good in a bikini. Or a bathing suit at all for that matter. This is my year!! I'm close enough to a bikini body for the first time that I really think I can pull it off by summer with a lot of dedication. I will post pics on here on June 20th (the first day of summer) either way so here's hoping I can pull it off! 64 days and counting!

My plan....

Well, it's still in the works but here's my basic outline and I will be updating this with lots more detail in the next couple of days:

Here is my meal plan.

I need to continue to tone while probably losing about 3-5 pounds of body fat (notice I said FAT not WEIGHT, there's a huge difference) to really reveal the muscles I've been working so hard on, especially those abs. I keep seeing them occasionally peeking through this layer of, let's call it, padding on my belly and I'm anxious to see what they actually look like!

My Workouts

Zumba in the p.m.

Upper Body

Cardio/Abs a.m.
Zumba in the p.m.

Lower Body


30 Day Shred (awesome total body workout)

I'm gonna measure myself today and post a beginning picture as well as my beginning measurements.
Wish me luck and, please, anyone feel free to join me with your own program that works for you! This is gonna be OUR summer!!!

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  1. wow!!!!!! i have lost 60 pounds n i still had 20 pounds to go but 3 months back my knees started hurting due to chondromalacia patella n i m out of action!!!!! in pain n feeling so depressed about not being able to do anything! just when i was doing all d right things, my knees have ditched me. i m just 21 n i feel pain throughout d day!! n for an emotional eater like me, 24*7 pain is equivalent to feeling like eating junk all d time!!!!!
    all these 3 months, i have been wondering will i be ok ever? will i actually lose d weight i want to?
    but still...reading ur post..i feel i CAN find out a solution. till d time my knee heals..i am going to go swimming morn n eve..n do abs n upper body!!!!!! no cardio but i wont give up.right now im full enthu but i realise that there wil be times when il feel crap.....i am READY to face them!oh yes!!!!! this is MY summer too!oops sorry..OUR summer

  2. Excellent attitude! I've definitely had my share of set backs but instead of using them as an excuse to quit, I figure out what I CAN control and start finding a new way to kick butt! WAY TO GO!!!