BEFORE & AFTER (side by side)

For more before and after pictures, you can check out my my photo timeline.


  1. You look awesome! Congrats! I am currently in a depressed funk about needing to lose at least 30lbs before summer. It seems inpossible especially the closer it gets to spring. I am also dealing with quitting smoking...smoke free for 30 days now...which has also contributed to weight gain. I haven't read all your blog yet but I hope there is lots of detail about what you did and how you did it!!

  2. Your just so cute sweetie. I'm so glad you won the battle and are still in the game. You inspire me and so many others. God bless and Keep the Faith.

  3. i look similar like your old self. i need to loose weight mostly because of myself.
    i wanna wear those small size clothes and wanna see people get jealous of me.
    i dont wanna feel disgusting when my boyfriend turns away from me at sleeping time. please help me fix myself.
    please write to my mail.

  4. You are such a pretty girl! And so inspiring! I have lost/gained 100 lbs so many times, i dont even know if i should try anymore.

    Two years ago i went from 233 lbs (5'5") to 128 lbs. I hated the loose skin, the stretch marks. I liked wearing nice clothes. but i HATED the obsession, i couldnt eat unless i knew the calories, i exercise 2 hours a day 6 days a week.

    it took over my life and lead me to overeating. I would eat until i was so full i was sick, i would eat even if it wasnt something i wanted! I never threw up, because i was afraid of where that would lead me.

    i blew up in weight so fast! i got back to 180 in a matter of months, this will tell you how much i was eating! So disgusting. It was such an awful hunger and desperation that i dont wish on anyone.

    I am better now. I eat only when im hungry. But i still eat A LOT of sweets, its the only thing i really overeat on. Everything else i can eat normal sizes.

    I would like to lose weight. But i have the feeling my problem is really on the inside, and not the outside. I dont have much self esteem, and i dont respect or love myself.

    im feeling really lost, it had been my dream to be a nutritionist, but how can i help anyone, if i cant help myself?

    anyways, sorry to write so much, but its been such a long time that i've been dealing with my weight, ever since i was a kid, and im 28 years old now.