Scott Swabsky

I joined a gym every 5 years or so only to lose interest in a couple of months.   A couple of years ago I was invited to a free healthy eating presentation at New Age Fitness.  Tammi seemed knowledgeable but practical and flexible in her approach.  I decided to try out Tammi as my personal trainer.   It has turned out to be the only thing for improving my health and fitness that has ever worked.  Mostly it has been a process  of becoming aware of my cravings instead of always being on auto pilot.   Tammi seems able to come up with infinite workouts so it never gets boring.

Note from Tammi: What I like best about Scott's story is how he achieved success. Scott made tiny changes along the way that have led, over time, to HUGE changes. This has resulted in a different lifestyle for life! This wasn't a fad diet for Scott. This was a complete overhaul of bad little habit at a time! THIS is the best way to create permanent change!