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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 9 of 28 Day Challenge: Just Freakin' Do It Already!

Today's challenge topic was very easy to settle on because I recently had some personal experience with it. I've actually had experience with it in the past as well and learned how important it can be but, just as with anything and anyone, sometimes we have to be reminded even when we know the truth because I guess we forget!

There is a phone call that I have been dreading making for a solid week. I mean, every time I thought of making this phone call I felt sick to my stomach and anxious. I knew that it was going to be a very unpleasant and awkward conversation that most certainly would not end well. It was like a tiny dark cloud following me around wherever I went. I suddenly thought today, "Oh my gosh, Tammi! Just freakin' do it already! You've experienced the anxiety of this phone call dozens of times by thinking about it instead of just experiencing it once when you actually do it!"

So I did it. And it wasn't as awkward and unpleasant as I thought it would was WAY worse! It was horrible, seemed to go on forever and ended extremely unpleasantly. And, when I finally hung up? I felt GREAT! Even though it was unpleasant, it was over! I was so relieved. At the same time, I was a little frustrated with myself that I hadn't just freakin' done it a week ago.

Which leads me to today's challenge. Pull out your to-do list. Not today's to-do list but last week's and next week's. The stuff you've been putting off for way too long as well as the stuff you're putting off until the last minute. Do as many things as you can on the list. Make it a game. The "How Many Things Can I Finally Do Today" list. Think how amazing you're going to feel at the end of this day.

Look around right now. Find the most annoying and stressful thing in the room and tackle it. The pile of mail that's been building up. The yucky pot that's been soaking in the sink for a day. Just go on autopilot and DO IT!

You will feel so in control and amazing that your mind will start clearing, your creative juices will start flowing, life will somehow look better even though it's pretty much exactly the same. Try it!

There is SO much in life that we can't control. Once we start taking command of the things we CAN control, life seems much more manageable. Here's an old post about how I help myself feel in control when I'm out of control that talks about this very thing: What I Have Control Over.

Take control of your life one little annoying pile of crap at a time!


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1 comment:

    That was awesome!
    "And it wasn't as awkward and unpleasant as I thought it would was WAY worse! It was horrible, seemed to go on forever and ended extremely unpleasantly."

    Yes, I did NOT see that coming, and it was genius. No rose-colored glasses and empty promises here! Nope, only TRUTH from you, and that despite it going even worse than you thought, it was EXHILARATING that it was OVER. GOOD call, perfect anecdote! Thank you, Tammi!