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Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 8 of 28 Day Challenge: Day 1 of 21 Day Challenge...Recommit!

It's time to recommit!

The newness has worn off. The promise of a new, perfect you in 28 days has faded. Real life has happened.

It's time to recommit yourself today. Not just to this challenge but, more importantly, to working toward a healthier you.

Did you skip a day or two? Or maybe you tried a challenge but it just didn't pan out?

Well, you're in luck. Today is a "review day". It's do over time. Welcome to the first day of the 21 Day Challenge!....Okay, it's still the 28 Day Challenge but you get the point.

Today you actually have three challenges.

Two challenges are required repeats for everyone:

Lose the "all or nothing" mentality. It doesn't matter if you haven't done perfectly on the challenge. This isn't a pass or fail exam. This is a guide toward slowly developing new habits and thought patterns that will make your next challenge, whatever it may be, easier. Remind yourself of your decision to abandon your "all or nothing" mentality a week ago and recommit to it.

Do something today that makes you uncomfortable. It can be something as easy as looking someone in the eye and saying "hello" if that is what you uncomfortable. But the more uncomfortable it makes you, the more you will grow.

Then pick one more of the three options below:

Educate yourself about something that's important to you that you'd like to change. Whether it be nutrition or the benefits of exercise or the importance of a good night's sleep, let it be something important to you that you're interested in knowing more about. Follow the link for more suggestions.

Change one small, manageable habit that you are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE you can change. Set yourself up for success.

Didn't take that walk yesterday, here's your do over!

The point of today's challenge is, most importantly, to remind ourselves of the "all or nothing" trap that makes us fail time and time again. This challenge does not have to be 28 days. It can be 28 months! 28 years! And this challenge is just an example. This applies to your life on a much larger scale. Don't let apathy make you frozen where you sit, unable to change for years. Recommit now to yourself! You are worth it. And the more times you recommit to yourself and invest time in your betterment, the more you will automatically perceive yourself as more valuable and worthy of self-love and care.

If you're still struggling with re-motivating yourself, read my blog post:

Good luck!


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1 comment:

  1. Yeah, you know us too well. You most definitely have experience motivating people to stay motivated. I consider myself not a too tough of a cookie to get enthusiastic about things... yet, this weekend... last night, I reflected over our weekend challenge and thought, "One day. I did it one day - the first one... and I've barely researched what it is I want to know more about and excited about. Man, I'm kinda a flop here."

    And BOOM.
    You knew it. You coax us out of our "crap, I've already messed up the whole challenge" mentality that we're secretly hoping to hide from you! Thank you!

    It's exactly what I needed to hear. This week is about to get a lot crazier, and is life, I partly wonder when it's not going to be crazier. But I DESPERATELY want to change some of the circumstances of my life - ALL of which flow purely from my health - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. EVERYTHING that is a mess in my life is because of the mess inside of me, and only I can fix that...

    Thank you for reminding me to have the courage to gently brush off my "shortcomings" and know that I can gently get myself right back up into this challenge - and that life CAN change. But I have to be patient and realize it takes time, not a mere minute and whisk of a hand!