Bringing Your Body Into Balance

My 100+ pound weight loss is what grabs people's attention. However, my weight loss was merely a side effect of finally taking my health and happiness into my own hands and finding that perfect balance. Body, mind, spirit. It all matters.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 16-17 of 28 Day Challenge: Bite It, Write It

Confession little raw food experiment (a.k.a. all I could eat fruit extravaganza) caused me to put on about 5 pounds. After a little research I've learned that, yes, certain people do extremely well on very high carb, predominantly fruit diets. However, I am not one of them. It generally seems to be people who tend to be naturally thin with a more delicate bone structure. Not me and not me. They are called carb burners. I appear to be a mixed burned but predominantly fat and protein, which is funny because that's the exact diet I was eating and thriving on before. However, all is not lost. My complex carbs will now basically be all fruit (instead of all those corn products I was using as a bread substitute) and waaay bigger salads and veggie servings. That being said, it's back to grind, gotta get these 5 pounds off. Although I have to say, I'm enjoying where the fat has distributed itself this time around...if you catch my drift. Regardless of how how aestetically pleasing I may find my new fat stores (or anyone's excess fat stores), they're not healthy, hence they must go. 

Therefore, it is food log time. From time to time I like to track my food intake for a few reasons, and this is where you ALL come in. Keeping a food journal is for more than just those who want to lose weight (although it's almost a must for weight loss, at least in the beginning). Tracking foods does the following:

  • It makes you realize what you are and are not eating.
  • It helps you to determine your ideal combination of carbs/protein/fat. Mine seems to be, respectively, 40%, 30%, 30%.
  • It helps you notice patterns (like fatigue after a meal heavy in carbs or fat or cravings after a sugary snack or even binging on chips after talking to your mother-in-law).
  • It, quite simply, makes you more aware of the whole eating process.
I really wanted to do a challenge every day except for the weekends but I really feel like 2 days is the minimum that is going to be helpful here. Truly, I always have my clients record a minimum of 3 days so I hope you'll appreciate it and continue.

You can record it simply with a pencil and paper but, if you have a smartphone, I encourage you to find an app to use. I'm using one called "Lose It" and I really love it because under "my day" it shows the breakdown, by percentage, if my protein, carbs and fat. If you use pencil and paper it would be a great idea to include how you feel (physically and emotionally)  before, during and after each meal/snack. If you use the app or don't want to write that much then just simply pay attention!

You will be shocked what you can learn about your eating patterns by doing this. 



  1. This is such a good idea. When I got a diagnosis of a fertility struggle a few years ago, the acupuncturist I went to said to make sure 50% of everything I ate was green and leafy. And the other 50% to be divided between healthy meats, full fat dairy, and many fruits. I thought, no problem! That's most of what I eat anyhow.

    Boy, I was WRONG. Nope. I realized almost everything I ate every day was brown. Rice. Cereal. Oatmeal. Popcorn. Corn chips. Holy crap. I'm eating a LOT of grains, some meat, NO fruits and nearly no vegetables! Wake up call!

    I look forward to doing this again (I've also since done it in the last few months for elimination diet - and can pinpoint just what you said - digestive issues caused by certain foods and such)!

    1. I'm so glad you realize the importance of this and I hope others, who may not have had experience with it before will give it a try because it really can make SUCH a difference!