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Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 15 of 28 Day Challenge: Make a Swap

Today at a staff meeting, I had something I haven't had in a really long time. A Zone Perfect bar. I almost forgot how tasty they are. I used to eat those things like candy bars. Actually, I mean that more literally than you might think. 

Along my weight loss journey, I found ways to swap things out for new things that were more conducive to the body I was trying to achieve. One such thing was swapping out candy bars (and Nutty Bars) for Zone Perfect Bars. Let me clarify something right now. Zone Perfect bars are not healthy, not even close. However, they have more protein in them than candy bars, hence the switch. More protein meant less of a spike in my blood sugar which would not only lead to increased fat storage around my midsection (through the release of more insulin) but more protein also assisted me in building muscle (my little fat burning machines I like to keep all over my body). So where my afternoon snack was once a candy bar (or two), it because a Zone bar (or two). Now I would never dream of having it for a snack because I understand that, although less severe than the candy bar, it would still cause a blood sugar spike not to mention the energy lag that would follow shortly after. However, this was all a process and, at one time, Zone Bars served a very practical and helpful purpose in my life. 

So what's one swap that you can make that you know you can live with? 

Whether it be Marlboro lights for Marlboro reds or thin crust pizza for thick crust, just one swap that doesn't seem so miserable. Another suggestion I would make for someone who can't kick the soda/flavored drink addiction. Try swapping it out of a mixable BCAA powder. There are actually some pretty tasty ones out there and, while still not ideal from a health standpoint, BCAA's can at least assist in muscle development. Another swap I made for quite a while was from beer to liquor because of all the calories it saved (again, this is not necessarily a healthier swap, just a step in the right direction to help us achieve our goals).

The only thing I do not suggest is full fat to low fat switches (like low fat cheese, fat-free cookies). These are not satisfying and you end up eating more. Not to mention fats can slow down how quickly the sugar is absorbed into our bodies so it causes less of a sugar spike.

What will your swap be?


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